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A World of Fun!!!

A Memorable Experience

ABC  provides a one stop shop for all your event needs from day one vendor sourcing to on site specialist. We also provide: threat assessment, onsite security, investment, design, permits, legal, insurance, online secure ticketing, build-out management, promotions, marketing, advertising, community relations, logistics, procurement, screening and overall planing. 

ABC boasts an exceptional management team with over 150 years combined experience additionally, our team are comprised of seasoned specialist in their field of expertise.This ensures your success and protects your interests. 

Flying Ride
Mother and Son

What We’re All About

Our track record speaks for itself through experience, knowledge and know-how protecting the interests of our clients are our priority. ABC plans with every community, town, county, city, and state specific needs and concerns in mind. By infusing with the community our assessment team has the knowledge and experience to address these custom requirements. The world has changed and protecting your interest is ABC's primary priority.

Funfair Family 2

Activities offers our guests a number of fun activities for their enjoyment. Whatever you’re looking for, we have it all. Our Amusement Park has set the bar high, providing a safe environment, as well as fun family activities for everyone. Stop by today and be prepared for an experience you’ll never forget.


The Best Entertainment

For many years, has been the leading Amusement Park in your area, offering visitors of all ages the chance to play like a kid. Our carnivals are a great way for you to experience the thrill of many of our entertainment options. Come see what our rides and attractions are all about today.

Contact Us

1107 1st Ave, New York, NY 10065

+1 917 560 3694

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